For Parents

The Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC) was created to provide an opportunity for parental involvement in the CWP community. The PAC is committed to building a community feel among CWP families, hosting and sponsoring social events (teacher and staff appreciation, etc.), fundraising and other appropriate activities. Think of it as the PTA for our preschool.

What does the PAC do?

The CWP Parents’ Advisory Council (PAC) exists to support and enrich the student, family, and community experience at CWP. Through family, community, school activities, events, and fundraisers we hope to add to the already wonderful CWP experience.

During the 2015-16 school year, the PAC maintained the lending library, raised funds for a new front entrance security system, and shared fellowship at many fun events. This fall, we are looking forward to BooHoo/ Wahoo, Trunk or Treat, CWP Consignment Sale, and Supper With Santa!

When are the PAC meetings?

The PAC holds monthly meetings to build relationships among CWP parents, collaborate ideas, organize and plan PAC events and fundraisers and share and discuss concerns or suggestions to benefit our children at CWP. Meetings are held from 9:30am-11:00am on Thursdays and/or Fridays. Babysitting is available for children over 12 months by reservation (under 12 months are welcome to attend). A complete list of dates for the year will be available at the first meeting. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday September 16 at 9:30am!

I’m new. I’m a returning parent. Can I get involved?

YES! Please! We would LOVE to have you join us this year! Whether this is your 1st child, 1st year at CWP (I was a 1st child, 1st year parent when I became the PAC Chair) or 4th child, 8th year, you are encouraged to get involved in whatever capacity you are most comfortable.

  • For those who have the interest and time, you are encouraged to volunteer to chair a committee or plan an event.
  • For those of you who are more comfortable working in support roles, we need your help preparing events in advance and volunteering the day of an event.
  • If you are more comfortable helping at home or on your own schedule, PAC is always looking for people to bake, make flyers or help the PAC RAKS surprise our teachers and families.

There is a way for you to be involved if you want to. No matter how much you become involved, all parents are welcome to join our monthly PAC meetings at any point in the year to see what we are up to.

I work and can’t make the PAC meetings. Can I still be involved?

Absolutely. We need help in lots of ways. There will be many opportunities that will be convenient from home. If you work, and want to be involved in the PAC please keep in touch at pickup/drop off or by email. We will find a way to help you stay involved when you can.

Are there opportunities to meet other parents?

The PAC Social committee organizes coffees during the school hours, happy hours in the evening, brunches on Sundays, and other various times for Moms Night/Day Out activities to bring CWP families together.

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