Welcome to Springfield United Methodist Church Christian Weekday Program

Christian Weekday Program (CWP) is the preschool ministry of Springfield United Methodist Church. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and responsive environment for all children ages two through five as we respect their differences and help them to learn to work cooperatively with peers and adults.

Woman smilingWe offer a program consistent with the best principles of early childhood education; Christian values and interpretation underscore all the experiences through which the child learns while under the guidance of teachers who share their faith with children.


A curriculum that incorporates language, mathematics, science and pro-social skills. [click here]


to strike a proper balance between responsibility and freedom, and conformity and individuality... [click here]


We will create a loving Christian atmosphere in which each child is a special individual. [click here]


Refer other parents to Springfield United Methodist Church Christian Weekday Program! [click here]

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